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It’s YOUR business.

Make the right choices. Let’s make a Kollektiv Effort®!

you do what you love. we help you succeed in that.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. It takes all the time and dedication to reach the desired level, and at the same time attention is required to take care of all other aspects of life and career. Combining these two is sometimes impossible, or at least very hard. 

Our mission at Kollektiv Ventures is to help business owners and leaders turn around or grow their businesses and provide them with best help on every aspect of business and life.

We participate in your business by investing money and/or sweat equity. We are ready to work hard and break a sweat to grow your business!

Right business moves, planning life after possible exit, financial security, combining business and family? We got it all covered for you!

360° Kollektiv Business Management

Need help at growing your company’s  sales and/or social media follower base and engagement? Want to build a solid financial background?

We offer consultation about sales models, marketing services and effective financial & administrative structures. 

Wide knowledge and network of top professionals and hailed experience of building businesses to success, all at your service. Call us to know more!


360° Kollektiv Work life-concept

Combining business and family life isn’t easy. Imagining life after selling your business might be just as hard!

Kollektiv can help with all of this, through our self experience in situations like that.

Strategic planning and preparing for life after exit?

Coaching and mentoring about work & other life balance?

Ready-made network of business leaders offering advice?

We are here for you. Let’s talk!

360° Kollektiv Marketing & Communications

Kollektiv has been at the forefront of marketing communications for multiple years.

Wide range of communications and streaming services experience, social media campaigns and “guerrilla marketing” has led to succesful business growth in multiple cases.

We can also provide your company with modern communications services at all platforms.

It’s all about you. Make the right steps at the right time.

Should I go take a risk and expand my business, or maybe try to enhance my business margins first? Should I accept that exit offer, or make this business bigger by myself?

It’s all about making the right choices. We offer our expertise and guidance, but in the end it has to be your call. It’s your business.

Kollektiv Case: Sarastia Kuntaperintä - leading debt collection company

We helped build a debt collection company from scratch. Tero Karinti worked as the first employee and business director, helping to launch the company in a market dominated by global giants Intrum & Lowell (ex-Lindorff). Today the company (Sarastia Kuntaperintä) has a revenue of 3Meur and a healthy profit margin of 25%.

Kollektiv Case: EOM Football Magazine

Kollektiv helped build a new underground sports media, quickly (6 months) gaining a order base of 1700+ customers, using only 500€ on marketing. Effective social media and word-of-mouth marketing, combined with visible event and digital sports streaming helped propel the sports media into a national existence.

Troubled times don’t have to mean it’s the END. Success doesn’t have to stop here!

Sometimes businesses can come to a halt. Like example COVID-19 has shown us, it’s not all down to you how your customers act and how the business landscape changes.

A succesful business can also come to a point when it’s time to make THE career defining decision; should we just enjoy the current success or take a risk and try to grow my business even more?

We at Kollektiv are more than just business consultants. We invest in you, and as business partners we want to help you get your business up and running again!

Kollektiv Ventures is here for you, if you wan’t to turn around your business or grow a succesful one even more.  I, as an entrepreneur and a business leader, have done it myself. Now let us at Kollektiv  help you do the same!

– Tero Karinti, Business Director, entrepreneur –


We have helped many companies build their businesses. Want to be the next one?


We have a broad experience at your service, ready to take your business to the next level. Let’s make a Kollektiv effort®!