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Tero Karinti

Tero Karinti


I’m the founder and CEO of Kollektiv Ventures and a battle proven business professional. I founded Kollektiv to make the most of my professional capabilities and values that I cherish; Helping other people and entrepreneurs succeed in their lives and careers, and making sure that every entrepreneur has a paltform to grow their business and be happy in their lives.

In my work as your company’s business partner and/or advisor I focus on providing  our 360° Kollektiv Concept for start ups and existing companies, advice for experienced entrepreneurs and leaders and connecting companies together through our 360° Network Program. Companies can use my knowpedge and network of professionals and VC:s for their benefit.

I’m ready to invest in You. Let’s make this an Kollektiv effort and grow your business to an all time high. Call me and let’s talk!

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